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Biodegradable and Compostable Materials

Many bundling items brag naturally agreeable advantages, for example, "biodegradable" and "compostable" materials. In any case, what precisely do these terms mean, and what is the contrast between them? So as to completely comprehend the effects that bundling materials have on the earth, is it critical to look at and find out about the terms used to characterize and sell these materials? In this article, we'll try to explain the differences between Biodegradable and Compostable, as well as shed some light on the plastic degradation process and its impact on the environment. What Does Biodegradable Mean? Biodegradable alludes to the capacity of materials to separate and come back to nature. All together for bundling items or materials to qualify as...

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5 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gifts

  1- Green up your gift wrap. Instead of spending money on store-bought wrapping paper that ends up in a landfill, make your own wrapping from newspapers, magazines, or catalogs. Or use fabric items to wrap gifts, such as wrapping a cookbook in a dishtowel, or clothing in a scarf. Reusable gift bags are another eco-conscious way to present gifts — they’re also easier to use than wrapping paper. 2- Choose eco-friendly gifts. Look for gifts made with the environment in mind (such as shade-grown chocolate or coffee; or items made with recycled glass, metal, plastic, or paper). Or give gifts that get used up, like soap, food, or candles, check that amazing website for eco-friendly products, it’s a great help (

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