ZONZITA partners with ShoppingGives

ZONZITA partners with ShoppingGives to give back to our communities on every purchase.

ZONZITA announces a partnership with ShoppingGives, a shopping cart technology that will allow ZONZITA to donate a percentage of their customer’s purchase to the charity of their customer’s choice — right from the checkout cart, at no extra cost to the customer. Beginning in May 2020, this partnership will enable ZONZITA’s customers to make a meaningful impact when they check out from the online store.

“We collaborate together in maximizing our impact and contribute every day in keeping our planet a better place. Every action counts, especially the small ones.” — Mohamed Mousa, Managing Director of ZONZITA

With the current climate conditions, the world is becoming more aware than ever about the importance of an environment-friendly lifestyle, and the fact that eco-friendly alternative solutions are becoming more popular every day. Due to its recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable nature; Eco Friendly products provide a green and responsible alternative to traditional products. With that on the mind, ZONZITA’s vision is to bring eco-friendly alternative products to everyone, everywhere.

“Being sustainable goes far beyond the balance between what we take from our planet and we return back to it. It’s a philosophy that is deeply rooted within our beliefs and values.”, Shares, Noha Mousa, COO of ZONZITA. “The taste for charitable giving motivates compassion towards people in need. We are living on one planet, sharing the same ecosystem but under different circumstances, we believe that small things always make a huge difference, We believe that every action counts, and even the smallest contribution will help sustain an ecological- friendly lifestyle that eventually will help our environment.”

ZONZITA is featuring 6 causes that customers can choose from, and send the donations ZONZITA is committing to give. Every cause provides a positive impact on our communities, and the world.

Your purchase at ZONZITA has the power to make an impact

The causes could be selected at checkout, and the donation amount is calculated as a percentage from the total cart value.

Featured Causes by ZONZITA
Featured Charitable Causes by ZONZITA

Eco Friendly Products to Everyone, Everywhere.


ZONZITA is an Austrian start-up in the e-commerce space, with a vision of providing eco-friendly products and environmentally conscious concepts from around the world, to everyone, everywhere. For more information, please visit zonzita.com

About ShoppingGives:

ShoppingGives exists to create social impact with every purchase, using its new-to-market retailer technology, Change Commerce, which allows retailers and customers to experience the ease of frictionless giving. Retailers can integrate Change Commerce directly into their checkout process, enabling them to donate a percentage or amount of purchase on behalf of their customers to the cause of their choice. By simplifying and personalizing the donation process, ShoppingGives creates a unique opportunity to actively engage customers in their CSR strategy. For more information, please visit ShoppingGives.com.

We Exist to Create Impact on Every Purchase.

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