Our Story

Eco-Friendly Products for Everyone, Everywhere.


The Idea

“Why don't we start a business that also leaves a positive impact on the Environment?”

This is the question that started ZONZITA. It all happened when the brother and sister were discussing plastic impact on marine life, and the sad truth that every piece of plastic ever made still exists to this day. The discussion evolved to an ecommerce business with a vision of providing affordable Environment friendly alternative products to everyone, everywhere.

Our Story

We are siblings who grew up with a dream of living an environment friendly lifestyle. A lifestyle that is free from pollution, free from cruelty, and free from negative vibes. We come from a place that prides itself on local, homegrown, and eco friendly values.
We want to see our planet greener with more reliance on natural resources, and increase awareness about sustainable living. We believe that every action counts, and even the smallest contribution will help sustain an ecological-friendly lifestyle that eventually will help our environment. 

Our Story
Our Mission

Our mission

Our mission is to bring eco-friendly alternatives for everyone, everywhere.
Being sustainable goes far beyond the balance between what we take from our planet and we return back to it. It's a philosophy that is deeply rooted within our beliefs and values. Born in Austria, and proudly serving the whole world.

Bamboo Products
Environmentally Friendly

Environment Friendly

We love Bamboo products because technically, bamboo is a grass, and can be cut without destroying the plant. It doesn't die when you cut it. Actually, it continues to grow. This makes bamboo a highly sustainable plant that is environmentally friendly.

Attractive Appearance

Attractive Appearance

Products made from Bamboo are simply elegant. They look good in any setting. From kitchen to personal hygiene, you can't go wrong with bamboo.



Bamboo is inexpensive, and products made from it are affordable to many people.

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Shopping Gives Donations

Shopping Gives Donations

We commit to donate 1% of all orders to a support a cause in partnership with the ShoppingGives Organization

One Tree Planted With Every Order

One Tree Planted

We commit to plant a tree with every order in partnership with the One Tree Planted Organization.
Help us make an impact.